Your Ultimate Life

What if…

you really can have it all?

The life you’ve always dreamed of

 A career that’s fulfilling AND financially worthwhile

Success and recognition simply for being your authentic self

From the outside, most people admire you greatly and the success you have built in your life.


But behind closed doors, no matter how much you’ve accomplished you still feel as though you are meant for more or at least something that will shake things up. 


You are used to pulling at least your fair share of the weight in your family, life, and at work too but you are ready to experience more meaning and fulfillment in your life.


But it feels like if you were to slow down and get quiet with your own thoughts you would probably shy away from all of the big dreams, desires, and goals that would come up anyway.


If this sounds like you, you've landed in the right place!


My true purpose is guiding you as you step into your ultimate life by giving you the physical and mental tools you won’t find anywhere else to help you transform into who it is you’re truly meant to be.


I specialize in helping entrepreneurs, leaders and other highly successful individuals who seem to have it all from the outside, dive deeper into their passions and desires and overcome fear and so they can love, lead and live their ultimate lives.


As your coach, I’m here to hold the space for your transformation in a way you have never experienced before.


I will be the one you can call on when you feel those unsettled, uneasy emotions emerge and you unsure what to do with them.

What You Get with Brenda's "Your Ultimate Life" Program

  • Seven-week course of life altering coaching centered around the key components that matter most to us: Career Catapult, Money Magic, Ignite Your Image, Brilliant Health Hacks, Turbo-Charged Relationships.

  • Exclusive integration of the enormous impact of appearance by award winning image consultant, Arlene Stearns.

  • Unique life design plan crafted by you with clear actionable steps.

  • Winning combination of group coaching that gives the team support and individual coaching that focuses on you alone. 

  • The small group nature of this program makes it perfect to do with a friend.

  • Results that will last a lifetime. 


Your Ultimate Life: Turbo-Charge Your Relationships


You’re a leader or self-motivated individual who is already having some success but lacks deeper connection to self

You’ve tried other programs or classes and felt some level of transformation but you still feel you haven’t gotten to the core of what’s holding you back yet OR you haven’t mapped out a plan to move you forward

Things are always moving and shaking in your life but you are ready to experience more meaning and fulfillment on a deeper level

This is your one precious life. No other reason needed. Let’s get moving…

Ready to Get Started?

Purchase the program through PayPal using a PayPal account or regular credit card. 
A PayPal account is not needed to purchase with credit card.

$97 Initial Deposit, then 2 investments of $315 each

over the period of the 7 week course

Thad Smith

Looking for a great life coach? (Yes. You are!) Brenda Holley is a certified life coach. When I lost my job because the company closed, I looked her up. She has been a huge help during my job search. Brenda has gone above and beyond to get me focused on key ideas, thinking outside the box, and keeping me on track to accomplish goals in obtaining a new job. She is experienced and very savvy about helping people in their careers, whether excelling in their current career or finding a new one. Plus, she is an awesome individual as well. She is driven to help you, asking all the right questions. Do yourself a favor and contact her. It’s time to make that positive change! I am happy to say that just today I was offered a job with a great company and start working on Monday! Thanks for everything Brenda!!!

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Charlotte Henson-Tucker

Brenda has helped me with my tendency to be all over the place when I have a lot going on. She is good at bringing me back to my center by using coaching techniques and refocusing and prioritizing what I want to do. On the personal side, she's helped me learn more about self-care. I have to put myself first at times to care for my family in the best way. Brenda rocks.

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