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There’s a lot, I’m willing to bet on it. We don’t focus on that so much sometimes, though. Am I right? We may have more of an unhelpful laser view of what’s not so great about us. We are more likely to be super hard on ourselves than be negative about someone else, including those we dislike.

I think it’s high time you focus on what’s wonderful about that lovely human you get to see in the mirror each morning.   Each of us was put on this earth to contribute to the world. You have a lot of value inherent in you as well as value to give.

I want to give you a friendly and loving challenge to list five things (just five) that are absolutely great about you. I bet once you get your own greatness list going and growing it can be a whole lot bigger than that.

  • Think about your attributes.

  • A genuine smile.

  • Really paying attention.

  • Sincere compliments.

  • Following your heart.

  • Using your intuition.

  • Being true to yourself and others.

  • Being positive.

  • Speaking up.

  • A strong person whose made it through hard times. That one’s me!

Send them to me. I’ll respond. You’ll feel empowered to go forth with more magnificent greatness. I have a prize for the winner of the best greatness list. Not the biggest, the most thoughtful.

"Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service." --Martin Luther King Jr.


Yes, sir. Well said, indeed.

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