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Transforming Your Life

with Massive Self-Confidence: Part Two

Webinar with Brenda Holley

Now that you've been a part of the FREE webinar, Transform Your Life With Massive Self-Confidence, it's time to complete the journey. I’m offering the crucial next moves in mastering massive self-confidence in my upcoming two-part webinar. Here are the details:

I’m hosting a webinar consisting of two one-hour segments each on May 2nd and 16th at 8 pm Eastern. Each hour incorporates additional crucial methods plus strategies for massive self-confidence built on techniques that combines repair, awareness, practice exercises and key confidence building tools for only $97.00. Here are a few of the topics:

  • How do we lose your  self-confidence in the first place? Where did it go? You did have it at one time. Do you remember?

  • Stop Shoulding all over yourself

  • How to Ask for and Get What You Want 

  • Applying your new self-confidence in real life situations.

  • Powerful instructions on how to build your own self-confidence avatar that you will use daily. 

  • Valuable Self Confidence scripts you will be able to employ throughout your life. 

I'm also including a digital Toolbox with the following resources:

  • A Form to list your accomplishments. Why? We don’t recall them, value them, and have them top of mind nearly enough. 

  •  Top Self-Confidence Quotes List that you can add to with your own favorite quotes. 

  • An avatar form where you can create your own personal avatar along with words or phrases that describe what you want your focus on self-confidence to be!

  • A "Shoulds" Inventory List 

Plus, I'm going to send you a a Self-Confidence gift package mailed to your home with carefully selected items to have with you on your self-confidence journey from me to you.


These aren't secret formulas, but proven methods to build and retain your self-confidence. As you follow and integrate the methods, they will anchor the habits in your daily life breeding growing and ongoing self-confidence.


Let's cement your unshakable self-confidence together!

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 4.38.15 PM.png


I’ll be sharing more information weekly as we move forward. For now, mark your calendars and sign up right here. As soon as you do that, I’ll be sending you a little something to get a head start. My treat to you for making yourself a priority.

Here’s to Transforming Your Life With Massive Self-Confidence!

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