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Time as Your Ally in 2018

As we've stepped into the New Year full of ideas on what we want to (1) do different/better or (2) stop doing it’s a perfect time to look at our relationship with Time with a capital T.

I want to challenge some concepts of Time and make Time what it really is - a useful ally. Here are Time facts and thoughts for you to incorporate into 2018.

Busyness is an American generated mind trap. We say it with such pride. “I’m SO busy! I have no Time!” implying that this is a good thing. Gonna suggest we all stop that immediately. Think about a new answer right now. Really. Right now. When someone asks you how you are, what will your new response be in 2018? Make it true and interesting. Shake it up and stand out! Shoot me your best ideas; I’d love to hear your brilliant thoughts.

YOU get to decide what is worthy of your Time. We have more individual control over this than we think. I get that we all have responsibilities. It could be Time to reprioritize certain things. We also all have more power than we usually claim. Power up! If you are saying, “I can’t” you are a key part of the issue. This is your life. Grab it.

We don’t need better Time Management. Everyone is Time managed to their last nerve and we have taken every class on the subject. Check out the 500 million Google results on the subject. Better yet, don’t. What is more successful is a better state of mind, focused on the now.

The present moment is the ONLY Time we can impact. Staying present gives us clarity, focus and power.

There is a huge gain of Time to be had by stopping and redirecting excessive ruminations about the past or worries about the future. One of my coaching mentors, Coach Extraordinaire Martha Beck calls these twin evils story fondling (that unhelpful focus on the past where nothing ever changes) and fire fleeing (fears of the future that usually never come to pass). Wastes of Time. Watch for these thieves. You are going to be surprised at how much Time you spend doing one or the other. See how much Time you just gained?

A lack of clarity and life purpose is the core issue, not a lack of Time. Once we establish those two pieces for our life, we can then use Time wisely. Are you clear on your life’s purpose?

What else can help? The suggestions below can all change our relationship with Time into a more balanced one. None of these are mind-blowingly new or awe-inspiring, but they do all work.Adequate sleep: 7 to 8 hours a night


  • Physical exercise

  • Meditation

  • Massage

  • Yoga

  • Time in nature

  • Slow breathing exercises

  • Regular quite time set aside to use however best suits you

It’s Time to take control of your thoughts and days. As a Life Design Coach, I can help you do that.


Contact me to talk further.

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