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Coach and Consultant to
the Staffing Industry


I love this industry with a passion that is unchanged after being a part of it for over 30 years. I intimately understand the challenges. Here’s what I know:


  • You do vital and important work, employing more than 3 million people a week in this country.

  • You find the best possible talent for your business partners, but even fabulous talent can be a challenge. I know you’ve noticed. You can’t control human beings.

  • You serve two diverse clients – both the traditional customer and the flexible talent you employ – and you must meet the needs of both.

  • Your day changes hour by hour, and you respond to each change.

  • You impact people’s lives for the better every week.

  • You could be stressed………I can help.

  • My knowledge of sales, operations, strategy, tactics and implementation are deep and encompass a range of staffing focuses from professional to commercial.

  • I am skilled at new territory and office opening strategies across North America.


My coaching services are geared toward staffing professionals who focus on communication, teamwork and results; I also provide consulting that is customized to individual or company needs.


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