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Summer Season officially kicks off over Memorial Day weekend. If you live in the South like me, you have undoubtedly noticed that we have already been visited by our favorite one-two punch of heat and humidity. We’d hate for that not to be here, right?

Maybe not, but most of us prize warmer weather for the wonderful possibilities it affords us of vacations, cookouts, and time with family and friends. 

Vacations are proven to relieve stress, clear your head, lower your risk of heart disease, improve your immune system, and help with sleep issues. In other words, they aren’t an indulgence but a necessity. There’s all the proof you need. Take care of yourself.

Here are some Super Sizzling Summer enhancing ideas for you segmented by cost. Send your ideas back to me. I love receiving suggestions from you:

Low Cost or Free

  • Catch fireflies. I’ll bet it’s been too long.

  • Go to your local farmer’s market. They’re everywhere now, and I’m grateful for that. The fresh fruits and veggies are beautiful, reasonable, and good for us.

  • Sit on a porch swing with an iced tea and a book. Rock on.

  • Ice Cream! Buy it from an ice cream truck or crank it yourself.

Mid-level Cost

  • Host a barbeque. Keep it simple with hot dogs and hamburgers. Fresh lemonade. Have everyone bring a dish and encourage neighborhood camaraderie while you boost your popularity.

  • Eat a whole lobster with your hands. Make a mess.

  • Go to a ball game. They are the boys of summer, after all. Such fun!

  • Go to an amusement park close to you, like Six Flags for the day. It’s a great break from the ordinary.


Some Slightly Serious/Serious Change

  • Take a last-minute weekend road trip without a ton of plans. Get in the car and go.

  • Take a trip to go to a specific restaurant that’s a regional favorite. This can be near or far. Check out this resource:

  • Beach or mountains? Pick one and go.

  • Schedule that longed for vacation, for heaven’s sakes. A splurge is sometimes in order, and you are worth it.

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