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Your Ultimate Life

I’ve talked to several clients lately who want to do deep work to design their lives to their ideal choosingWe take a deep dive together on the eight key parts of the Wheel of Life to ensure that each area is aligned with what YOU desire. It should be what we want.

It’s based on the Wheel of Life tool, incorporating the major components of our lives in one high touch, luxurious program.

This is the most exclusive and in-depth coaching package I offer.  It is designed for us to work hand-in-hand together to strategically design all the key aspects of your life to be the ultimate reality you want.

I’m introducing you to the concept today of that program, Your Ultimate Life.

It inspired me to redesign my Premiere One-on-One Coaching Program into something more. Something bigger, deeper, more impactful. Something that would furnish my clients with the tools to do that deep work and emerge on the other side with the life they truly want.

And why not? We only get the one opportunity at this life. Thereis time in the program to cover each topic thoroughly as well as have extra focus on where you want to see the most positive movement:

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Spouse/Partner

  • Family/Friends

  • Health

  • Home Environment

  • Personal Growth and Learning

  • Fun/Leisure/Recreation

As I continue to develop the components, I’ll share more with you on the transformations you can expect as well as additional information.

Contact me today to discuss where we’ll be going with the Your Ultimate Life Program if you want more information now. There will be limited availability.

If you are ready to move ahead strong as a woman at midlife or if you want to make that career change, my email is

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