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What Do You Really Want?

So you know what you want, right? If you and I were talking in person and I asked you that, you could easily tell me. Or could you? I think many of us would say something like this:

  • More Money

  • A Perfect Job

  • Physically Fit

  • More Love

  • Peace

  • Happiness

  • Zero Stress

  • Freedom

Of course, we all want different things. One key common denominator when I look at this question is that as humans we want a greater quality of life. It could include some of the items I listed above or something totally different and unique to you. I like all those things plus a few more for me! Even if our life is great, we want more. That’s normal because to live is to grow.  

If we are stagnant, we get stuck in ruts of our own making. Life doesn’t sparkle as much. The excitement ebbs away. If you feel that you are in that place, know that action is the cure and you can start today.

Here are a few great ideas:

  1. Get crystal clear on what you want. Remember the Lewis Carroll quote “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” Spend as much time on this as you need.

  2. Identify what you already have to make your dream come true and what you need. Start seeking out the resources. Ask for and get help.

  3. Take the massive action needed. Once you’ve clarified where you want in life, direct all your efforts toward that. Do what you need to do and then some. Dedicate yourself totally, holding nothing back and watch the universe cooperate.

  4. Take the 25,000-foot view. Look at your life from an airplane mentality. What do you see? Incorporate the items that catch your eye into your dreams and feed in the corrections on anything that doesn’t belong on the landscape. Be honest with this one. What shouldn’t be in that picture? What’s already perfect?

  5. Ask yourself how you need to change. To achieve something we really want, change will be part of the process.

Different skills? Mental conditioning? Increased Physical strength? New mindset? Upgraded thoughts?

A Coach to serve as your partner and hold you highly accountable?

I can help. Contact me at to set up an initial complimentary discussion of what you really want.

If self-confidence is part of what you’d like more of, as it is for most people, check out my Transform Your Life With Massive Self-Confidence Webinar on my website and sign up!

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