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Take Action

By now, everyone has heard about Mamoudou Gassama, the “French Spiderman” who rescued the little boy hanging from a fourth floor balcony in Paris.

Here are five things I’d like to share with everyone from a coaching perspective about Mr. Gassama’s hugely inspiring feat:

1. Don’t hesitate when it’s the right thing to do. Just watch him in the video. He was moving ahead on pure adrenaline. His safety and life was on the line as well as the child’s.  

2. Move fast when speed is required. Watching Mamoudou scale the building was breathtaking. When you need to move, do so. Everything can’t be analyzed. Some opportunities don’t wait.

3. Don’t look back (or down). Eyes on the prize, face forward and up. When it’s important in your life, treat it that way.

4. Take Action. People may tire of this truth but taking action is the only way to make forward progress. Mamoudou didn’t intend to save the child, he acted to save the child.

5. The Universe rewards people who do the right thing. Mr. Gassama is awaiting permanent French citizenship from French President Emmanuel Macron, who also gave him an award for bravery for his heroic act. He has a job at a fire station. This is HUGE for this man. Life changing huge.

And it all began with doing the right thing and taking action. What is life calling you to show up for in a big way today?

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