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Six New Sizzling Summer Ideas!

Six New Sizzling Summer Ideas for You to Enjoy the Season! Only TWO Months Left.

Hi everyone! Is summer officially sizzling where you are? It sure is in Georgia! We have had the heat and humidity that we all know and love in abundance

June is drawing to an end…already. What do you have on your summer list as you look ahead? I’m voting for vacations, long holiday weekends and time with family and friends for you.

Here are six new ideas to help your summer sizzle!

1. Catch the summer blockbuster movie you want to see while it’s still in the theatre. Sit in the dark and get absorbed. Eat popcorn.

2. Take a vacation. Really. It doesn’t have to be long, far away or expensive. The thing that matters is the getaway. The benefits are stress reduction, better sleep

I’ll get back to you quickly. I’ll also be doing the things above. Happy Summer!,improved .productivityand heart disease prevention. It almost sounds necessary, doesn’t it?

3. Go to a ballgame. Major, minor or little league. This quintessential all American activity will get you outside and engaged. Really focus on the game while you are there. Hot dogs and beer!

4. Picnic in a park. Make food, grill out or buy great deli items and enjoy the pleasure of eating outside or on the ground. How long has it been?

5. Homemade ice cream. Not much more needs to be said and it’s easy to do whether you prefer to crank it yourself or have one of those easy to operate electric jobs. You know how good it is.

6. Host a simple backyard barbeque or ice cream social with the ice cream you made in number 5. The important thing is to gather family and friends at your place. People feel honored to be invited no matter how simple the fare. Home gatherings are becoming a little less common than they once were. Events like this are a perfect way to express love and everyone can bring something.

This summer, keep yourself in mind. Do something that pleases you. Take a break. If you want to make your summer really meaningful and you have goals to accomplish or a career question to contemplate, reach out to me at

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