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Show Up Big For 2019

As always, there’s going to be a lot of tips and advice about the New Year and I have a few upcoming topics about that for you myself! Today, I want to share four things to do no matter what your New Years goals are. These are the steps we don’t always want to do.

Show Up – Be where you are supposed to be. Where you committed to be even if it’s not convenient, you’re tired, or it’s raining. Show up to support others. Show up to do the extra thing that you’ll feel so good about. If you show up, you won’t be shown up. Think about it. NOTHING happens until we show up.

Take Action – My pet topic. Nothing happens for any of us without action that is preceded by intention and directed to where we want to go. Take that initial tiny turtle step. MOVE. Repeat until you get what you want.

A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed – Open yours. Think of birds in a nest. See all those little mouths reaching up to Mama? Baby birds know the score on this. If you want it, ASK for it. You never know until you ask and the number of times you hear “yes” will floor you.

Be Bold – Big moves. Bigger than we are comfortable with. Bigger than we had intended to execute. What happens when we are bold? Doors open that we didn’t know were there. Your fears will diminish. It’s hard to be too serious when we are being bold so life tends to be more fun. Have FUN.

Why don’t people do these things? Because they are uncomfortable, plain and simple. Each one of them gives us a firm shove out of our comfort zone. It’s a push we need. You need to push yourself.

Guess how long the discomfort is going to last? Only until you start taking the step. You don’t even have to finish. For most of us, it’s the starting that’s the difficult part. The nervousness fades away as soon as we put our foot forward. MARCH into 2019!

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