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Ready To Update Your Resume?

Having an up-to-date resume is a recommendation that has stood the test of time. There aren’t any guarantees about jobs. Those don’t exist. On opposite and positive side of that coin, one never knows when a great opportunity may present itself to you. It’s been my experience that it’s when you least expect it.

If you are an entrepreneur, it’s equally as important that you have a resume to highlight what you have to bring to the table for a client, project, or prospect.

What to put on that resume has changed, though. Expectations from prospective hiring managers or clients have morphed. Here are my top tips on how you can keep your resume current.

1. Measurable results matter. Quick, what were your three best accomplishments in the last five years? Not so easy to remember, right? Quantifiable accomplishments that you keep updated as they happen is what I recommend. You can give the details quickly on items that are more recent. When you hit that new goal, get more responsibility, have a title change or exceed revenue by an impressive amount, record it!

2. Keep keywords current. Google job search websites and you’ll find that information there. Your resume needs to contain the key words that hiring managers are looking for now. This can change quickly, depending on your field. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used more often than not to search resumes for desirable keywords. Make sure you don’t get left out of an AI search.

3. Summary versus Objective? Which should you use as the lead on your resume? There are a lot of different opinions on this among the “experts” on resumes. Here are my thoughts.

  • Use an objective if you are new in the work force, have been out of the workforce for an extended time, or if you are changing careers and the rationale behind that move can use some clarification.

  • Otherwise, I recommend the summary, always emphasizing how you can help the employer or client through your synopsis. A summary should answer the age-old question employment question, “what can you do for me?”

4. Any statement about references. References Will Be Provided Upon Request is passé. It’s called “filler” on resumes in today’s world. It goes without saying that a candidate will provide references when asked.

5. Don’t just list job duties. Show with numbers, percentages or other hard data on how you added value right on the resume. This could be a sales figure, a new or improved methodology that you brought to the company, a territory you cracked open or how you saved money or time. Give some thought to this one. Many people discount or forget what they’ve contributed. Specifics impress.

6. Your resume isn’t your only resume. Keep your LinkedIn profile meticulously current. Make sure it reflects your information just as accurately as your resume does.

  • Please use a professional picture on the site. A blank where the picture is designated to be or a picture of your children/animals/that favorite beach scene have no place on LinkedIn.

  • This is a business website. Professional Recruiters, Human Resource pros and honestly everyone in business uses it extensively. Make sure you shine.

If you want to explore changing jobs, reach out to me at This isn’t about just another “job”. It’s about clarity on what you truly want from the work you do.

With over thirty years of professional staffing background, I have helped thousands of people find great new positions. Check out my website at to get more information about my Career Search program.

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