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Is There a Career Change in Your 2020 Plans?

Is Career Change in Your 2020 Plans? Welcome to the New Year! It’s a fresh start for everyone and that always feels good. The world seems new and full of promise. And it is! It’s easy to find a career coach. It’s not easy to find a perfect career. I’d like to emphasize three of the distinctions that my Career Coaching Program offers you if you are considering a new work opportunity this year

  • I have proprietary coaching components that I have culled from over 30 years in HR and placing thousands of people successfully at hundreds of companies. You want someone to partner with that has the experience I bring to my client relationships. Those components are integral for a quick ramp up to success in finding the next great position for you. If you’d like a complimentary copy of those pieces, email me at and I’ll send you my flyer on them.

  • For many people this is THE key to successfully moving ahead with their next appropriate actions in finding a great job. It’s not something you ever hear about.  It’s my master level coaching training and knowledge about how to unite our essential self and what it wants with what your social self is pushing you to do. If you are having an inner war going on about what you want to do with your work and what you should do, it’s your essential self and social self that are waging that battle. Knowing how to honor your essential self while living life in a way that makes sense to you in our big beautiful world matters. We can honor and feed our passions regardless of whether they are our core means of making a living. I can show you how. For many people, it’s about more than just getting the job. It’s about respecting who they are.

  • Blind spots!  We all have them. When I reach out to trusted confidants about something that’s on my mind in my business, I get clarity in one of two ways. Either talking it out gets my mind flowing and going OR the person I’m talking with gives me an idea that resorts in a forehead slap I administer to myself. We all have blind spots. The closer we are to the situation, the fuzzier the options become. With my deep experience in placing people successfully in new positions, I function as your trusted partner and a second set of eyes to help see new possibilities for you. I have a robust set of exercises to help tease out different ideas and viewpoints.

If you are curious to hear more, email me at I’d like to hear about what you have in mind and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

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