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EPISODE 902: The Power of Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s important for you to know about the power and reach of LinkedIn and how you can use it to help you in your career.

People at every career phase from college students to C -suite executives are active on LinkedIn.

Here’s a brief look at LinkedIn.

  • It’s the professional networking site.

  • 87% of Recruiters use LinkedIn as a go-to source.

  • Three people are hired every minute through a LinkedIn initial connection.

  • The site represents an average of 14 million open jobs.

That doesn’t scratch the surface but it’s a good snapshot of impressive statistics.

What if you’re not looking for a job?

  • It’s the best professional social network for business lead generation.

  • 80% of marketing social media leads come from LinkedIn.

  • It’s a great way to professionally stay in touch with former co-workers, networking connections, and valued business contacts.

  • LinkedIn updates you with job anniversaries and new positions for people you are connected to on the site.

In short, if you are a professional, you want to be on LinkedIn.


Want tips for maximizing your LinkedIn Profile?

  • Your profile needs attention, just like your resume. Actually, it functions as your online resume. It should be up to date and accurate.

  • Use “fenceposts” to separate and add key components to your profile under your name. Don’t leave it super short or boring. Add in something personal about yourself to make it come to life.

  • Insert a professionally done headshot picture or one that looks well executed. Put a larger customized picture in the large space behind your personal picture. It’s a more thoughtful look than the standard one from LinkedIn.

  • Tell a little story in your About Section. Like the profile section, dress it up a bit. Make it interesting and share information about who you are.

  • Check out your URL. When you initially get your LinkedIn account, numbers are added after your name. Go into Edit your custom URL and delete the numbers behind your name. It should look like this:

  • Keep your profile updated. I recommend going in with an eye on what could be upgraded or changed twice a year.

LinkedIn Invitations

  • Always include a personal note when sending an invite. If you have an individual referral that sent you their way, mention that. If you are interested in their company or their background, extend that compliment. If you met them at a networking event or other setting, a reminder is helpful.

  • When you receive an invitation, reply with a note of thanks after you accept.

Social courtesy will set you apart, so use it to your advantage.


Don’t feel like you need to personally author everything you post on LinkedIn, unless you like doing that. If so, that’s a great differentiator.

  • Articles focused on your field of work, motivational sharing, “how to” tips, blogs, or videos are all good ideas.

  • Announcements about positive changes in your company.

  • Tell your LinkedIn connects about your promotion, job availability, new skill, new degree, or other professional news.

  • Want more lift? Tag people that you think would be particularly interested in the piece you’re publishing or who are a SME and ask them to weigh in. The post will travel to their networks.

  • Don’t forget Hashtags### on every post. Three is the recommended number.

Want help with your professional presence for your career search or a Master Coach partner to work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your current position?

Reach out to me at I’ve helped thousands of people with their careers and I can help you.

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