EPISODE 901: Your Own Brand of Business Presence

Your Own Brand of Business Presence.

How you want to be seen in your work environment… no matter what that is.

There are a number of components that could be included here. These are the top five that I see mentioned repeatedly.

#1 Competence

You have to be able to deliver and know your stuff or none of the rest of the items here matter. Clients and teammates count on you to get the job done well. Having the knowledge and going the extra step to keep up to date on your profession through classes or certifications and seminars adds to your competence quotient.

Be seen as one of the experts due to your knowledge, diligence, follow up, and responsiveness.

#2 Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is a game changer in life. It’s the number one online searched request in the self-help genre for a reason. Everyone wants it. Most people struggle with getting it.

You know people who radiate this trait and how life flows much easier for them. Think about someone in your life who has outstanding self-confidence. That can be you.

The best news is that self-confidence can be learned! I’ve assembled the best tools I can find for people to have and use again and again on the subject of self-confidence.

The request for it is so on-going that I recorded a class called Transform Your Life with Massive Self-Confidence. If you need more of this magic elixir, here’s the link. It’s four modules and eight life-changing exercises that you can use forever. It’s also only $59.00.


#3 Body Language

There have been a number of studies on the complex topic of nonverbal communication with varying results. Experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. That’s too much to leave your body language to chance. I call positive body language Power Poses and here are the ones you need to know about.

  1. Open up your body at the chest with your shoulders down and back. Lift your chin up. If you are standing, keep your feet hip width apart. You can put your hands on your hips if appropriate. Think of Wonder Woman. It’s her signature pose.

  2. If you are seated, sit up straight. Shoulders back and down. Your chest should be open. Lean in. Hands on the table or in your lap. No fidgeting. Look at everyone in any setting equally. Eye contact is important. Don't look down excessively.

  3. Don't fold your arms. Ever. This screams insecurity and says, "I'm closed off."

  4. Keep your feet flat on the floor. A jiggling foot or leg is always a sign of nervousness, so make sure yours are still.

#4 Appearance

The expectations for appearance have been shifting in corporate jobs heavily to a more casual presence for 20 years and it continues to lean that way.

Relaxed doesn’t mean sloppy and it doesn’t mean sweats. Your work attire depends on your job and on the industry and company culture. You need to look neat and put together regardless of what you do.

I have an Image Consultant that I highly recommend if you want to up your game in this area. Reach out and ask me about her. By the way, Image Consultants aren’t just for women.

#5 Poise

Staying calm and in control is a skill that all of us need to hone throughout our career. An individual with business presence maintains their cool even when things are challenging or difficult. Emotional Intelligence figures deeply into poise and people with presence tend to have Emotional Intelligence.

If you want to upgrade your business presence, I can help. Reach out to me at brenda@brendaholley.com. I offer a free 30-minute consultation and it’s the next step for your business presence.

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