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EPISODE 803: Is It Time to Update Your Resume?

Is it resume update time? It probably is.

You always deserve the very best representation you can give yourself on your resume. It’s much better to stay ahead of the game and always be what I call resume ready. This is not something you want to do in a panic or hurry with.

There are certain events to be extra vigilant about updating on your resume.

Here’s a list.

  • You got a promotion! Congratulations! Celebrate that accomplishment AND update your resume at that time. Go beyond the title and responsibility change and tell the “why” story about what did you do to earn that promotion. Some statistics or percentages. A brief overview of what led to your promotion.

  • You are laid off. This is never fun. I’ve been there and so have most of us. However, one bright spot is that company performance downturns don’t reflect on individual employees. Update your resume and include the fact that you were part of a 25% reduction in force or whatever the percentage is and then get busy doing something as a volunteer with an organization in your industry or with a respected charity while you look for a job. Doing something productive that benefits your industry or the community is a great thing to include on your resume plus you’ll feel like a rock star for doing it. This is also an ideal time to get a new skill under your belt. Remember, your ongoing upgrades to your skill set are your responsibility and you are worth the investment.

  • You have a new job! Once again, Congratulations. Since you can’t talk about accomplishments you can tell why you were hired. Were you recruited? Put that on your resume. Why did the company hire you? It’s great to make mention of that while it’s fresh on your mind.

  • You have new skills. Always update any accreditations, certifications or degrees as soon as you finish the courses or classes . It’s easy to forget this. End the accomplishment by giving yourself credit for it on your resume.

Here’s the maintenance plan.

Look at your resume quarterly with an eye toward additions of accomplishments like a big project you just brought in under budget or a successful launch of a new product or service. Don’t forget to delete things like outdated skills or items that are now expected like MS Office.

Need help with updating your resume or with your job search?

I can partner with you on both of those things. With 34 years in staffing, I’ve helped thousands of people get jobs at hundreds of companies across a huge spectrum of skill sets.

Reach out to me at I offer a free 30-minute consultation.

Just like the investment in your resume, the services of a skilled career coach are worth it. You are worth it.

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