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EPISODE 703: Decisions! Decisions! How Do YOU Decide?

Here’s the news on the seven styles of decision making according to Jeff Shinabarger that I mentioned earlier this week. Our decision-making skills impact every corner of our life and work. I want to invite you to listen closely to the seven styles and see what you think you are.

  1. Collective Reasoning People who use this style like to garner as many opinions from others as they can in making decisions, believing that our collective decisions are wiser than an individual one.

  2. Data Driven Give these people the facts, just the facts. Numbers and quantifiable data are what Data Driven people base their decisions around. There is no such thing as too much information as long as it’s factual.

  3. Gut Reaction I use a coaching tool called The Body Compass to tune in to the wisdom of my body or gut. Gut Reaction people go internal and see how they feel, and they usually make fairly quick decisions that they are confident in and move forward with their next steps.

  4. List Approach Pencil and paper are List Approach people’s good friends. They write things down. They list pros and cons and go back to the list and add to both columns. These are methodical folks, looking at all the various options.

  5. Spiritually Guided People who are guided by spiritual or religious beliefs listen for what’s referred to as that still small voice, giving them clarity. They tend to meditate, spend time in quiet, and pray to seek the best decisions. They don’t mind taking all the time it takes to get peace on the answer.

  6. Story Living I want to be a storyteller… I am not. Oh, to be a person that makes decisions based on whether or not it will be a good story. Story Living people have the best stories and the most interesting lives with stories like an impromptu Dromedary camel ride in Morocco with friends they met in a bar the night before and meeting the love of their life while on that ride. They mesmerize us with their exploits that we’d be too reticent to try on our own.

  7. Passive Undecided These individuals want others to make the decision, regardless of what it is. They will be happy with most any decision and like to follow other people’s decisions. I am a list approach person with a good dose of gut reaction person thrown in for good measure.

What do you think you are?

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