EPISODE 702: The Great Resignation

Why do we call things that aren’t so “great” great. Think about it. The Great Depression crippled our country at the time and has impacted feelings about money generations down the line. Like me. The Great Recession of 2007-2009 was terrible. I remember that vividly. And now…

We have The Great Resignation. Four million people quit their jobs in our country in April alone. I’ve mentioned The Great Resignation before in my videos and the topic shows no signs of slowing down. My question for you this week is “Does The Great Resignation apply to you?”

So, what was the impetus of The Great Resignation? In short, the pandemic, which offered people the time to think about how they wanted to live their lives coupled with a heightened awareness of the shortness and precious nature of our individual lives. Hearing about so much death will do that. I heard one employee say that now work has to accommodate life instead of the other way around. That made sense to me.

The pandemic is receding in the United States and people are focusing on more flexibility and happiness as two key criteria in their work. They are asking themselves if they are valued at work and if they like how they spend their workdays.

A mere handful of months after the worst job recession in history, employers can’t find enough workers. This is rampant in both the restaurant and retail industries. Both of these industries will need to make changes to survive and hire people. Low pay, inconsistent schedules, and no benefits are drivers for these former employees who are retooling their skills and finding other jobs.

It’s not as overt or noticeable in other industries but it is happening, quietly, one person leaving at a time.

Work has changed. We have changed. Our values have changed. We won’t go back to being the same. The shock was just too much.

What do you need to consider if you are thinking about being a part of The Great Resignation?

  • Cash to cover at least three months of expenses.

  • Health care options. It’s more expensive than you think so check it out.

  • What to do with your 401k. A lot of people actually forget about them. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • A spending reduction plan. A lot of people did this during the pandemic. We had few places to go and limited reasons to spend money except on home exercise equipment and new baking tools. Keeping that spending down is key if money is a concern.

  • A plan for your next steps that’s well thought out.

The pandemic slowed us down and made us value time in a way that we’ve not seen before. I have two questions for you. The first is “Are you one of the people considering participating in The Great Resignation?” The second is “How did the pandemic change you?”

If you are considering job change and you want help with a plan to do it, I can assist you. I bring 34 years of HR expertise to the table and have helped thousands of people get jobs at hundreds of different companies. I can help you, too. Reach out to me at brenda@brendaholley.com to schedule a free 30-minute consult.

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