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EPISODE 701: Massive Action!

Massive Action. It’s one of the favorite phrases I use to move myself forward. I remind myself that it’s up to me to take the action to get what I want in ANY area of my life. I highlighted in my short video this week that massive action doesn’t mean that we have to do everything at once. That’s just overwhelming. We look at a huge to-do list and think “I can’t!” Here’s the best news: Those steps toward our goal can be small. As long as we keep at it, we can get anywhere with tiny turtle steps forward.

I have a lot of coaching tools that I use and one of them is appropriately titled The Turtle One Step. It’s a literal roadmap for how you can plan out and execute any step toward a goal. It’s simple. Not easy. Simple. The massive action comes from you. I promise you that you can do it with my support. Many people function at prime levels with the partnership of a coach. One turtle step at a time. That’s how goals are reached. That’s how change happens. It isn’t complicated. It’s focused.

Much of the time, we want something and wonder why “it” hasn’t worked yet. The answer is always, 100%, because I haven’t done what it takes to have it yet.

People wait until they are feeling good, the sky is a clear blue, the sun is shining, they are perfectly motivated and inspired and have level blood sugar. The stars and their chakras have aligned, Mercury isn’t in retrograde, and it’s not a bad hair day. No! Show up. Take your one tiny turtle step. And then another.

You have to be willing to take action even when you don’t feel great or you feel groggy or you are sad or you have negative thoughts about the thing you’re doing or you don’t know what’s going to work or you just failed at something. News Flash! We can work when we are sad or don’t feel great.

You know those little leashes you can attach children to that you sometimes see at a preschool and they’ll have a leash with six kids on it? Strap those feelings on the leash and take them along for the ride. We’re not denying that those feelings are there. We’re not sweeping them under the rug. We’re just putting them on a leash while we get our important stuff done.

Ready to get your goals and have access to The Turtle One Step and my other coaching tools?

Reach out to me at brenda@brendaholley for a free 30- minute consult. I have a new resource for you as well. Click here to download the free Inspired Life Vision Roadmap

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