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Episode 503: Clarify Your Career Decisions

I have tools. A full tool belt that I use with my career clients. I’d like to share just two of them with you as we look as how you can clarify your career decisions.

The first tool is titled Identify Your Career Values and it’s a five-step workbook that helps you understand your work values. Values change over time, just like you do. Reviewing your values at different times in life is very enlightening in understanding your career goals. What are the themes over your career that show up time and again? How can you know, honor and prioritize your values? How can you clearly identify the situations and environments that will best suit you in your career? A lot of our feelings of frustration or boredom are value driven so getting clear about those values is key.

The second tool is a Career Discovery Pondering Questions exercise that has twenty-one questions to open up your mind to patterns and threads that contain clues to what you will truly enjoy doing in your career. This is an in-depth, thinking exercise and you’ll notice themes emerging as you do it. I had a recent client tell me that this exercise gave her the confidence to apply for that big job with that huge pay increase. She got the position.

Clarity through thought provoking exercises and giving your focus to a next step as critical as your next great position can be priceless.

If you are curious to hear more, email me at I offer a free 30-minute consult to review your unique career situation.

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