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Episode 501: Job Change Reasons in 2021

There are some interesting statistics to know about people who are considering changing jobs this year…and why they are thinking about that.

The mighty moving Millennials are the ones leading the charge in percentages. This great group is now the largest generation in the work force, and they are not hesitant to use their muscle. That makes sense. The Millennials are fairly early in their career and have the plus of good work experience to draw from.

The Millennial population isn’t alone. Gen X amped up the Baby Boomer trend to change jobs more frequently and they have a keen interest in more education and better positions. Highly skilled, they come in right behind Millennials in their willingness to change careers.

There are individuals in every generation in the workforce that are contemplating job change. If you add in Generation Y and the Baby Boomers, a total of 52% of employees are considering making a career switch. That’s a lot of people on the move and most of them have actual plans not dreams.

An eye-opening statistic here is that a meager 14% of people think their job is ideal.

But why? Here’s the reasons most cited from the majority of individuals about job change.

  • Lack of career growth. This is the big one, coming in at an enormous 80% of people polled. Over half of workers have gotten new skills during the pandemic, using that time to wisely retool. They are ready and eager to use those advantages.

  • Burn out at work. Working from home has been very hard on parents and those who don’t like that model. Hiring has been slimmer in some industries and vacant positions have gone unfilled, adding work to already stressed out people who are also working in a different environment with no delineation point between work and home. People in various service jobs have been pushed to extreme limits in many cases.

  • More balance. I don’t believe in constant “work/life balance” nirvana. There are too many variables on both sides of that seesaw, and it moves. I do believe that factors like flex time and treating employees as whole humans can help balance those scales and that employees want that advantage. After having seen into someone’s humanity as they work from home, can it be easily unseen?

  • Lack of pay increases or better compensation. While many companies had no good options except to freeze pay, this always makes staff feel dissatisfied. People with new tools in their toolbelt know that many times the best way to get more pay is to change jobs.

  • Flexibility. This can manifest itself in flexible hours, a work from home job, or a position with a hybrid model. Employers who can offer flexibility would be wise to check it out with an open mind and offer options. Note that not everyone wants to work from home and many jobs don’t have that option.

What’s your stance on changing jobs? Can you see change in your future?

What would you add to the reasons I’ve listed that would have you consider making a change?

If you are considering career change you’ll want to partner with someone who has the experience. I bring 34 years of HR to the table and have placed thousands of people in jobs. I can help you, too. Reach out to me at to schedule a free 30-minute consult.

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