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Episode 403: Is it Time to Move on at Work?

Most people think about leaving their jobs from time to time. It’s common. What about when it’s a growing and unwelcome part of your day every day?

Then it’s time to stop, get quiet, do 3 deep breaths and listen to that inner voice that never lies about how you feel about your job.

Here are my top clues for you that it’s time to move on.

1. Procrastination

People don’t always think about procrastination being a clue. It is. Everyone procrastinates on occasion, but if there’s nothing you find engaging about your day-to-day work, you should consider whether your current position is really a good fit for you. There should be parts of your job that you enjoy.

2. Health

Are your sick days adding up? Honestly evaluate your stress level around work. How is your bottom-line health? Has it deteriorated while you’ve been at your job? The impact of health stressors is usually gradual. No job is worth sacrificing your wellness.

3. Venting

Be honest and think about your most common conversations with friends and family members. Are you constantly complaining about a boss, co-workers or about the job itself?

A job should bring more positive than negative energy into your life. If it's always a cause for complaint, that's a sign that your job does not deliver the satisfaction you need.

4. Negativity

A negative environment is impossible to thrive in. If your co-workers and boss are persistently unhappy and you aren’t in a position to change your work environment, it’s time to consider finding your happy place.

5. Culture Fit

Culture is that deeply embedded way a company operates. It’s baked into everything they do, the way they do it and how they are seen in the business world. It is also a primary indicator of job satisfaction. If job satisfaction was a building, culture fit would be one of the cornerstones. If the culture doesn’t resonate with you, will never be satisfied no matter how much you like other aspects of your position.

And here is the bottom line. You know it when it’s time. Deep down, you know. Even when I’ve not been super honest or just plain lied to myself, I’ve known, and you do too.

If you are considering job change you’ll want to partner with someone who has the experience. I bring 34 years of HR to the table and have placed thousands of people in jobs. I can help you, too. Reach out to me at to schedule a free 30-minute consult.

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