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Episode 301: Tips to Ask for a Pay Raise... even in a pandemic, Proven Work Tips from B

Has it been bouncing around in your brain lately that you are due for a pay raise? And has your manager at work not even hinted at it? #payraiseoverdue

Here are 4 tips to pause and think about before asking your boss for that pay raise. #provenworktips

What to Know When Asking for a Pay Raise... even during a pandemic.

It is an uncomfortable situation, that no one relishes, but if you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will. First things first, read this article or watch the attached video. Next, gather your thoughts, do your research, then request that meeting to discuss your pay. #MakeitHappen

Earlier in the week, I shared a tip for asking for pay raise that focuses more on the company than has to do anything with you.

TIP: KNOW how well your company is doing and KNOW how you directly contributed to the situation.

If you are able to go into a meeting with your boss about your job performance and talk confidently about how you specifically helped the company, then you are half way there to getting that pay increase you are requesting.


So you are now aware of how well your employer is doing, let's focus on other factors that will help contribute to you being successful in gaining that extra pay. Here are my top 4 tips:

#1 - You have been without a pay raise for a year or more.

It's been over a year since you received a pay increase and/or since you started working for the company. Let's face it this year has been crazy, BUT we have now made it through a year of it. If there is nothing on the schedule about discussing your performance or a pay raise, then you need to initiate the meeting.

Keep these extra thoughts in your mind while setting up this time:

  1. 1. Pick a good time to do this. Find time right after a project has been successfully completed or during a time when you are working on initiative that is going really well.

  2. 2. Think about your boss's schedule. Find the best time to speak with them that you know they will hear you.

#2 - You have taken on a lot more work or added responsibilities since the pandemic started.

Make a list of your responsibilities. What were you doing pre-pandemic compared to what you are doing now? Did you step up when the company might have lost some employees because of COVID-19? Know these items and if you have taken on a considerable amount in the last year, you are golden.

#3 - You have found out through market research that you are under paid.

Do your research! Can't stress this enough! Don't go into the meeting with your boss to ask for a raise and all you know is that so-in-so is making this much and you want to too. Make sure you look on websites like,,, or to find what someone in your position typically makes. Take into consideration your level of experience and the location of the business.

If you are brand new out of college, with little to no experience but the job you currently work at, and live in a more rural community, then your average pay rate might be a little lower than someone that has been doing your job for several years at a larger company in a metropolitan area.

#4 - You have a solid relationship with your boss.

Relationships do matter. If you are in a good place with your boss, it makes this task so much more easier. If you have continually butted heads with your manager or boss during the time you have been employed by the company your chances of getting that raise significantly drops. Not always great to hear, but it is the truth.


Now that you know my top 4 tips to help you get the pay increase you are after, take some time to stop and think about them. If any of the answers are no to the above tips, then flip them! Think about the ways to make them better, you have the power to make the situation just the way you want it.

Be bold! Show some courage, and it will pay off for you.

If you want to have a more in depth conversation with Brenda about what you can do to ensure you get the money you want from the company you invest in everyday, email her at for a FREE 30 minute consultation. I have 30 years of Human Resources experience and have helped 1000's of people get jobs at 100's of companies throughout the US. #BrendaHolleyCoaching

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