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5 Unique Ways To Write A Killer Resume

Resume expectations and best practices have changed! I want to make sure you know five of the unique ways to write that killer resume that attracts managers’ attention in 2019.

1. Read that job description and make it work for you! What keys words is the company looking for in the areas of skills, responsibilities, experience, and culture fit?  With that in mind, outline why you would be a good fit via your resume. You don’t want to overemphasize every point and make it look stilted on the resume; instead subtly add in words that align.

2. Healthy self-confidence rules! Your resume represents your skills and experience. It also represents wonderful you as a person. Make sure this comes across in your resume. Be specific, consistent,error free, and include your best accomplishments. It’s good to add in a personal passion or two to make the whole of you stand out on the page. Go forth with the thought in mind that everyone should know about you. You are just that important.

If you need help with self-confidence, my recorded webinar offering Transform Your Life With Massive Self-Confidence is exactly what can make a difference. For $59 you receive three webinars with PowerPoints AND 8 of the best tools anywhere to build and maintain your self-confidence. Check it out here!

3. Put Your Networking hat on right now. What does that have to do with your resume? A lot! Strategic networking does several things for you. You can find new companies to send your resume to that you’ve not even considered before while reconnecting with business acquaintances you haven’t touched base withinawhile.

On the other hand, as you identify companies you really want to work for, you can see if they have meet-up groups, job fairs or other special events and distribute your resume more in-depth that way.

Networking is essential in 2019 as more and more companies become automated in their initial resume reviews.Who you know really does matter. Personal references open doors.

Use LinkedIn to start this moving. Note: Most people are happy to help. That’s just the way we are wired. Don’t let internal excuses about bothering people deter you.

4. Prospective employers want your passion! Don’t hesitate to show passion about the job you do or the industry you want to join. There are a couple of key ways to do this.

You can share why you want to be in their industry. How does it align with your interests and values? If you have experience in the industry, what’s the best accomplishment you can share? Be specific and let your enthusiasm shine.

A key differentiator to illustrate is anything you’ve done in the past or as a side or college project in either your field of expertise or the industry the company is in. It could be love of architecture, engineering, design, legal, finance, the environment – the list is pretty endless.  

5. Customization is King! You should have a great base resume always at the ready regardless of your job situation. You can easily customize that to the specific job you’ve set your sights on. Keep in mind that each company is different. Tailoring your summary section and using a few key words can make all the difference.

 A special note here: I’m talking about a 15-20 minute tweak, not a resume redo. Don’t get down in the weeds endlessly going for perfection. Since it doesn’t exist, I’d rather you spend yourtimeon finding that perfect job!

Need help finding that next great job? I have a customized eight-point Career Search Coaching Program that can help! With over 30 years in staffing, I know how to assist you in finding your best fit.

Reach out to me today at and check out my Career Search program here!

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