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5 Reasons You Should Join MOJO

On March 25, I celebrated another opportunity to take a trip around the sun. The years definitely seem to fly by more quickly. Being the curious type, I looked into this to see why.  It’s not just my imagination! Here’s the deets on that.

Our brain’s clock runs more slowly as our age advances. The pace of life appears to get faster. Other research shows that when we are young, everything is novel so time appears to be longer to a younger brain. 

The most popular theory on why time seems to speed up is also the most obvious. As you get older, each year is a smaller percentage of your life. If you are 10 years old, a year is 10 percent. If you are 50 years old, a year is two percent.

Now listen to this theory! If we are stuck in a routine, not learning, time goes very quickly. Our brains aren’t occupied with new things. In William James' words, "each passing year converts some of this experience into automatic routine." But not everything!

A key to having time slow down is to purposefully incorporate new, fresh experiences in our lives. Make your days last by doing something different. This is how I live my life and I’m dedicated to having new experiences.

With this in mind, I am reinvigorating Mojo, my web-based program for women at mid-life or better. Here’s some updated initial information on what the program will be moving forward.

1. I’m targeting Mojo for curious, confident, and action-oriented women at mid-life and women who want to be just that. These women have goals, plans and dreams! These women want to have adventures and relish opportunities. You’ll find your unique voice, cultivate your dreams, and gain great clarity through group coaching, guest speakers, and the Mojo community.

2. Mojo has always been a great source of new information that’s particularly applicable to women at mid-life and that will continue.  I’m integrating it with more opportunities to have new experiences together outside the webinar environment. Stay tuned for more on that! Think Mojo Meetups or a Mojo weekend.

3. I’m incorporating a new layer of guest speakers that will be coming on board to give new views, share ideas, and spice things up.

4. We’ll start working with meaty topics that span an entire quarter (six sessions) so participants can dive really deep into the material and leave with clarity and actionable items.

5. With the add-ons and gifts from me to you that I’ll be threading in, the price will be increasing after it’s rolled out. You can still get in for $39.00 a month for a short time. Contact me now! Here’s to injecting new, positive experiences into your life this Spring. Are you a women at mid-life who would like one-on-one coaching on next steps for big goals? Are you looking at a career change and want expert guidance? Contact me at for a free 20-minute consult or FB message me.

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