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How Satisfying Is Your Career At Mid-Year?


The Best 5 Questions To Ask Yourself


As we hit the middle of June and enjoy the vacations and the hot weather (okay, I can’t enjoy the humidity), it’s a good time to take a slice of time for ourselves and examine our career satisfaction.


Mid-year is the perfect time to do that. It doesn’t have the sky-high expectations of New Year’s resolutions and we have the perspective of half the year under our belt to check and see what’s going on.

I want to encourage you to realize that we all have a lot more control over our careers than we usually give ourselves credit for possessing.


Here are five clarifying questions to ask:

1. Does my current company have the capacity to get me where I want to go? Spend time with this one and be honest. The specifics here range widely depending on the company size and situation as well as what you want to do. There is not a best answer here. It’s the answer you feel and whatever it is, that’s perfect.


2. Are there any skill gaps in my resume that I want to fill in long term? Determine exactly when you want to do that. How high a priority is it? How can you go about achieving it? Is it a class or a new position?

3. Am I proud of my job? If you aren’t proud of what you do or feel confidence in the people running your company, stop and pay attention to that. You have the right to believe in and be proud of your daily contribution to the world.

4. What career goal do I want to accomplish before the end of 2019? Take this to heart and take action. This is a great short-term focus for the rest of the year.

5. Are you valued, appreciated and respected at work? Deep down, you know the answer to this one. I hope it’s a resounding “Yes”.

After you’ve answered these questions, reach out to me at if you aren’t completely satisfied with what you see or if you want career clarity. I have a Career Search Coaching Program that can help with eight components that are completely customized to your situation.


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