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The Vision Voyage is a self paced course consisting of six modules of written work with exercises included. The cost is only $199 and includes a one hour individual coaching session with me.


Embark on the journey of a lifetime – your lifetime! 


Other people let life happen to them; you are ready to create the life you want to live.


The VisionVoyage course will help you clearly identify your goals and create the milestones toward reaching them. This intensely personal journey has been laid out so you set your own course and take the helm, with your coach alongside you to facilitate your progress and hold you accountable.











Module 1


Clarify your goals by mining the emotional, physical and mental changes in each of your seven-year cycles. 


Module 2


Tame your “inner lizard” and install your body compass for embarking on your life voyage.


Module 3


Set your sights on the vision itself through visualization.


Module 4


Articulate your passions and establish your goals.


Module 5


Conquer your thoughts and free yourself.


Module 6


Learn how to live in the present.

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