Destination 2021

Extended Coaching session to get priorities crystal clear 

Focusing on your business and/or personal goals for the new year.

Thoughtful new tools I've designed to get next year lined up for the results that you want.

Via phone, virtually or in person in a
socially distanced environment

Executive Coaching

Highly skilled business partner to assist you in clarifying your goals and moving your business forward.

Curated to your unique situation as a business owner or professional leader. 
No boiler plate programs.

Powerful and insightful conversations to move you forward each time we speak.

Your Ultimate Life

12 one-hour sessions of highly customized coaching centered around the eight key parts of the Wheel of Life.

A unique life design plan crafted by you with actionable steps.

Results that will last you a lifetime.

You’ll get to savor an experience that is rich in little, customized extravagances from me to you.

Customized Career Coaching

Customized Coaching Calls

Resume Review and Update

Situation Overview: Includes salary range, financial factors, ability to transfer, candidate timeline

Discovery Workbook and Exercises

Activity Schedule

Life Coaching

Fulfill your life’s purpose

Have confidence in your career 

Be a powerful authority over your life

Have clarity around what's next for you

The MoJo Program

MoJo is a group coaching class for women at mid-life or better that's held monthly via technology and includes bi-monthly live gatherings.

Private Facebook group: engage with other members in our private Facebook group to lend support, ask questions, share stories, and champion one another along.

Resources: Individual worksheets for every class

Work on personal goals in a supportive group setting.


Your Life with

Transform Your Life with Massive Self-Confidence is a three part recorded webinar where I am sharing the exact step-by-step strategy I use for myself and my clients to begin to shake off all limiting self-beliefs and build the massive self-confidence required to transform your entire life. If you are looking to do a complete 180 in your life and become the untamable force you desire and deserve to be, this class will teach you how to do exactly that.

Next Level Team Training

Executive one-on-one coaching: Individualized work that can include communication, leadership skills, teamwork, motivation, and Emotional Intelligence.

Key steps to ramp up growth trends by consulting on business growth strategies, next steps, expansion plans and advancement of team skills.

Detect issues that are impacting current production i.e., team challenges and sales deficiencies.

Capitalize on customized team training: Sales, Personal Development, Leadership & Management, Managing Self and Managing Up.

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