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If you are a woman at midlife or better, do you ever feel a bit out of step? Or not quite in sync with some trends that are going on in the world? Maybe in the areas of fashion, modern culture or cutting edge technology? The world is always changing. It always has been.

I have some shares for you about relevance as a meaningful person, because you are relevant. You matter. This is about feeling relevant.

Here are some areas to consider focusing on:

1. Technology. Upgrade everything now.

You knew this would be a biggie! Keep up with the latest technology. Know and use apps. Text. Use emojis. Educate yourself. Get training if need be. Ask someone younger a question. Interact with social media. It has been proven that more mature users of technology are extremely adept at the usage of it. Don’t think you aren’t or can’t be.

2. Don’t dis modern culture.

“Dis” means disrespect, as I’m sure you know. Avoid saying things like, “There’s no good new music,” or, “Kids today don’t know how to dress.” There is, and they do. Just like we did. Styles in clothing, music, food, and everything else always change. This is the way we evolve as humans, and it’s normal.

If we down current trends, we sound dated and a bit bitter. Try some new music. How about trying Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran on for size, and marveling at how the kids are dressing an awful lot like we used to? The ’60s are cool again. Boho clothes are an updated term for “the hippie look”!

3. Exercise. No, really workout.

Use it or lose it, folks. You’ll feel younger… and better. Workout. Just not like you’re 20. Set age-appropriate goals, and celebrate breaking those like you did when you were younger. The feeling is the same. So are the results!

4. Keep your aches and pains to yourself.

The flip side of #3 is: resist the urge to talk about your ailments. Suddenly you know the difference between degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis. You will find yourself wanting to use the term plantar fasciitis over cocktails. Don’t. I have been guilty.

5. Go out. Actually leave the house.

Force yourself to go out, even though staying in sounds way more fun. It is emphatically not more fun; it’s just easier. So fight the pull of the couch and see where it leads. We will not know what is going on if we don’t interact with the world. It’s invigorating to be out with others and a great way to keep up with all the trends.

6. Challenge our own age bias

At its’ root, bias is simply preferring one thing to the other. I like Mexican food more than I like Asian Food. I like purple more than green. I like to do interior decorating more than gardening.

We make judgments about people in less than one second about three things - race, gender, and age. So, it’s impossible not to recognize these characteristics about others. It’s the negative judgment about these things that I challenge.

America has a graying population. Presently, seniors, people age 65 and older, make up 13% of the population. By 2030, when the youngest members of the Baby Boomer generation reach retirement age, 19% of all Americans will be seniors. The graying demographics of the U.S. population will focus more attention on issues facing mature Americans. This is great news. Read those numbers again and feel the power.

It’s up to each of us as individuals as we look at senior status to be relevant in our world. The Baby Boomers molded the world as we see it today. We will continue to have impact. There are so many of us and so much spending power that we will. Let’s make sure it’s the best it can be individually and collectively.

If you are a woman at mid-life or better and would like to have a free conversation about designing your life at this wonderful age, reach out to me at or check out my website at

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