Brenda Holley is a Miami native who grew up in Atlanta who spent her early (okay, very early) years raising twin sons and working in the staffing industry. The latter gig lasted 34 years. The former- a welcome lifelong commitment. She's happily married to hubby Paul (AKA The Bald Eagle) after a few false starts.

In addition to a strong executive business background, Brenda is a Master-Certified Coach with three coaching certifications and 20+ years of coaching under her belt. She specializes in partnering with:

  • Individuals in career change on all the aspects of getting their best job form resume evaluation to interview preparation and social media best practices.  See more about this offering on the Programs page under Customized Career Coaching.

  • Entrepreneurs who've already stood up a good business in growing that business to the next level through her deep understanding of business development, sales, and all key aspects of growth from financials to human resources.

  • Executives in corporate jobs seeking the clarity of "outside eyes" to smartly navigate their career steps, evaluate their development needs and handle their jobs day-to-day with the deep emotional intelligence that's required today.

When she’s not partnering with clients on their careers or business growth, she spends her time traveling, reading, cooking, exercising, playing the piano (poorly just for now... there are lessons involved) and actively contributes to four animal welfare foundations as well as Feeding America.


What do you really want in your career, on a cellular level? Not quite sure? That’s okay, because we’re going to figure it out together! Your future extends forward toward a long horizon filled with possibilities; with Brenda as your guide, you’ll fill your suitcase for the journey with just what you want to have for the trip called your best life.


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Michele Miller

I met Brenda over 10 years ago when we were both volunteers for AMA-Atlanta. She has always been dedicated, organized and fun to work with. 


I hired Brenda during a time that I felt my job performance was not at it’s best and found her to be extremely insightful, focused and terrific at follow up. Since then she has given me the support and skills to find the best-suited job for me, encouraged me to always look at the bigger picture and to stay true to myself and my goals.


Brenda cares deeply about the success of those that she works with and has a true calling for personal coaching. I will continue to recommend her for one on one coaching as well as joining her group sessions. I am so grateful that she is in my life and that I can call her a friend.