Is your team ready to go to the next level?

With over 30 years of successful executive business leadership and a strong multi-state track record of new office openings and growth strategies, together we can:

  • Take your leaders to the next level with executive one-on-one coaching. The work is individualized and can include communication, leadership skills, teamwork, motivation and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Take that key step for ramping up growth trends by consulting on business growth strategies, next steps, expansion plans and advancement of team skills.

  • Detect issues that are impacting current production i.e., team challenges and sales deficiencies.

  • Capitalize on customized team training on a wide range of topics including Sales, Personal Development, Leadership & Management, Managing Self and Managing Up.

Charlotte Henson-Tucker

Brenda has helped me with my tendency to be all over the place when I have a lot going on. She is good at bringing me back to my center by using coaching techniques and refocusing and prioritizing what I want to do. On the personal side, she's helped me learn more about self-care. I have to put myself first at times to care for my family in the best way. Brenda rocks.

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