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This makes me think of the wonderful old blues song covered by so many artists “Got My Mojo Workin”. In the song the singer notes that he has his Mojo working “but it just won’t work on you.” I want to let you know about MOmentum JOurney, MOJO for short, my web-based program for mid-life or better women that is held twice a month at 8 pm Eastern. It will work FOR you! I can promise that.


MOJO meets via web technology, so you can attend from anywhere on any device you choose. Each session offers life transforming information that is immediately usable for women at mid-life.


MOJO operates in three month “journeys,” enabling us to dive deep into the subject so you receive the absolute maximum benefit. Our current journey is Find Your Voice and Speak Up! If you are a woman at mid-life you know how necessary this subject is and how transformative it would be to have full control of your voice. You can achieve that!


Very few of us were taught this skill as girls or young women. You can certainly have it now. You deserve to have a life that’s full of being heard!


Join us in MOJO today. You get two group coaching sessions a month, a private FB page and worksheets that are integral to really adapting the information we are sharing in a way that has meaning in your life.


The cost is $39 a month and easily billed through PayPal. You can sign up for it right here.

If you’d like one-on-one coaching as a woman at mid-life, contact me at I offer a free 30 minute session.

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