The MOmentum JOurney Program (MOJO)

MOmentum JOurney is a vibrant community of women at mid-life and beyond. Like you, we’re women who are curious, action-oriented and full of life. We want to build our self-confidence and achieve the goals we see in our inspiring futures. MOJO is for mid-life women with aspirations.
What are you going to do with the rest of this beautiful life that is before you?
I’m Brenda Holley, a certified Master Life Coach and fierce champion for mid-life women like you. I recognize the power of building our mojo to carry us forward as we acknowledge our strengths. The MOJO program is one way I give back to this important community.

How important are we?

In The Longevity Economy, Joseph F. Coughlin points out that in the United States alone, women decide where to spend $5 -$15 trillion, and 83% of the wealth in our country resides with folks over 50. Those of us over 50 spend more than the entire group of people under 50. It’s time we realize our power and significance.
Mid-life isn’t what it used to be.  Remember the stories your parents and grandparents told about growing up and making their way in life?  They were bound by a different set of rules. Protocols were different back then. We’re changing those norms today, and in doing so, we’re redefining ourselves.

We’re becoming the women we’ve always been meant to be. The women we want to be.

These days, we live longer and enjoy better health than the generations before us. Time and good health are a powerful combination for a rich future. We have it within ourselves to thrive.
So, whether you’re looking at a career transition, starting a business, seeking retirement or avoiding it, are focusing on ensuring a rich and enduring legacy or you just want to shake things up on the personal side of life, MOJO is your community. Together, we’ll envision the future, gain clarity and identify actionable steps to make it a reality.

Join us for MOJO if you:

  • Are at mid-life or better

  • Want to express your voice and free your passion

  • Seek to work on personal goals in a supportive group setting where giving and receiving support propel your momentum (a crucial part of the MOJO community)

Here’s how it works:

  • Group coaching: MOJO members participate in alternating monthly coaching sessions, between a Live Zoom session (recorded so you never miss a thing) and a Live in-person session within metro Atlanta.


  • Private Facebook Group: MOJO members engage with each other to lend support, ask questions, share stories, and champion each along. I’ll be there, too!


  • Resources: The good stuff you need to work your mojo - vetted articles, recommended websites, inspirational resources, and more.

Get all the MOJO love for just $39/month!


Let's make the next stage of life the best stage, together.

MOmentum JOurney will take you there.

Come be a part of the community!  Join MOJO today!

Are you ready to take the next step?