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Life Design Coaching


Maybe you’ve been hesitating to create the life you want, waiting for the right moment, the right sign that you are on track. Maybe you have taken your first steps and now want to take bigger steps, but you feel stuck.

Your “have to” list is longer than your “want to” list. You’re not making the kind of headway you had hoped for. If only you could do and be more. Sound familiar?

Customized Career Coaching

If it’s time to make a career change, you can use a coach with 30+ years of hiring and resume experience that spans over hundreds of industries and thousands of companies. I offer hands on assistance and support each step of the way to business professionals during this critical period.

My Customized Career Coaching consists of:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Resume Review and Update: If desired, resources for professional resume writers provided.

  • Situation Overview: Includes salary range, financial factors, ability to transfer, candidate timeline

  • Skills Assessment Based on Myers-Briggs Testing: It’s one of the most respected assessments in ascertaining career fit!

  • Clarification of career must haves and desires

  • List of companies to target that we compile together

  • Schedule of weekly candidate activities to ensure robust action


I also offer an array of job search pointers, that include:


  • Networking tips

  • Resources on interviewing

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety

  • Appropriate follow-up etiquette

  • The best job search engines

  • The top job search keywords for your field

  • How to utilize social media in your job search

 Investment:  Graduating entrants into the job market seeking one of their first professional positions.

  • 5 weeks of 30 minute sessions $600

Individual Coaching Rates

  • $175 per hour

Individual Coaching


Many people want the one-on-one undivided attention that individual coaching provides, and no wonder. Individualized sessions provide greater personal accountability with faster results. If you’re stuck and can’t activate your life to your satisfaction, or want a coach to help you with a specific goal, individual coaching is for you.

Try a free 20-minute consultation to see if our working together is the right fit for you. I offer a limited number of Individual Coaching opportunities. Contact me to discuss further!

Individual Coaching Rates

  • $125 per hour

  • Session packages available for six month and 1 year commitments

Corporate/Business Coaching, Consulting and Training
Is it time to bring in some highly skilled outside perspective to help with one or more of the scenarios below? Brenda has over 30 years of successful executive business leadership coupled with sales and a strong multi-state track record of new office openings and growth strategies that she can bring to your business.
Independent views by a skilled professional are a powerful tool for growth!

  • Take your leaders to the next level with executive one-on-one coaching. The work is individualized and can include communication, leadership skills, teamwork, motivation and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Take that key step for ramping up growth trends by consulting on business growth strategies, next steps, expansion plans and advancement of team skills.  

  • Detect issues that are impacting current production i.e., team challenges and sales deficiencies.

  • Capitalize on customized team training on a wide range of topics including Sales, Personal Development, Leadership, & Management, and Customer Service.

Corporate/Business Coaching Rates
  • $250 an hour for executive coaching.
  • Consulting Services and Training are priced per project.
Click here to see a full list of my training offerings.
Contact me for further discussion about your specific needs.
Entrepreneurial Excellence Goals Program
Entrepreneurial Excellence Goals Program is a curriculum that can be tailored for individuals or small groups held either live in Atlanta or facilitated via Zoom technology. Entrepreneurs have unique business needs, challenges and desires.

I have over 30 years of successful business background in management, sales, finance, hiring, time management, teambuilding, marketing and operations. That’s a lot of experience to have in your corner! Working with me either one-on-one or convening with other entrepreneurial individuals will push you forward in your business. Guaranteed.  Your required commitment is focus in doing the necessary work.

Entrepreneurial Excellence Goals Six-Week Program Rate
  • $899 per participant
Premiere One-On-One Coaching Six-Month Program Rate
This is the most intensive and exclusive package I offer and is designed for me to work hand-in-hand with you to carefully design your life to be just what you want. I’ll be working with my impressive coaching toolbox chock full of innovative ideas, laser sharp tools and new ways of thinking for you that are simply transformative. You’ll get an experience to savor that is rich in customized little extravagances especially for you. It’s only your one precious life. Let’s get moving. Premiere One-on-One Coaching includes 12 sessions of highly customized coaching.

Premiere One-On-One Coaching Six-Month Program Rate
  • $1999.00 per participant
  • $300 deposit
  • Payment options available

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