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How Much Time and Money Did You Invest In Yourself Last Year?


Many times when people ask themselves this question, they aren’t pleased with the answers. Time and opportunity have gone by without much growth or increased knowledge happening. It’s easy to have that occur and easy to remedy.

Look back at 2018 with me for a few minutes.

How much time did you spend on self-education and self-improvement? This could be reading books that advance your knowledge or open up your mind. It could be that steady exercise routine. It could be an interest that could make you some significant coin if you just took it up one notch. How about a hobby you want to get more involved in and then... don’t.


What was your time investment in YOU in 2018?

How much money did you spend on education last year? The amount spent on you by your company counts if you have a traditional employer. If that’s your case, take full advantage of every offering that makes sense for you from your company.

What if you are self-employed? By 2020 the predictions are that a full 40% of us will be self-employed versus working for a company. The You Economy is coming barreling at us full speed!

If that’s where you are now or where you find yourself in the future, that puts the responsibility of how you grow yourself back on you. That’s where you want it when you think about it. This is your career, your life.

Here are some cost-effective ideas for personal growth:

  • Podcasts are free and cover almost any topic.

  • Books can be borrowed from a library or purchased for small amounts. Think about the huge number of suppliers of used books on Amazon that offer great deals.

  • Used bookstores.

  • Free webinars.

  • A work mentor is free.

  • Low cost or no cost classes.

  • Training that’s local instead of paying for travel.

The self-improvement industry for individuals alone topped $10 billion last year. Companies spent $87 billion. That’s a lot of investing! I want you to have your fair share.

How much money was invested in you either from your own resources or by your company in 2018?

What are the best things to invest in or train on? There’s only a few key criteria:

  • Skills that will advance your career or prepare you for a new one.

  • Items you are interested in.

  • Something you will actually use.

Vow to make 2019 a different answer for you when you think about your investment of time and money in your most precious commodity - YOURSELF.  You have plenty of time left to check out options and sign up for things that catch your eye.

When this year ends and you ask yourself that question again, make sure your answer one you feel good about.

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Go ahead and sign up for that. Excellent self-confidence is a key component in giving yourself permission to make your skills better. This is a great way to invest in yourself.

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