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I like this definition by Merriam Webster of the word enough - occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations.


What if we run into a problem with accepting this statement as true in our daily lives? At times these questions can come up:


  1. Have I done enough on this project?

  2. Have I done enough with this client?

  3. Am I enough?

  4. Are my parenting skills, relationship efforts, work/life balance, work productivity, blah, blah, blah enough? This one could never stop!


I’m a very goal oriented person and boy can I ever roll out the high expectations for myself at times. Here’s how I’ve worked to tame the “enough” monster to a low purr that I can hardly hear most of the time.

I realize that all the questions above and other related ones come from a place of lack. Since I have a commitment to myself to do my best, that is enough. 


  1. Overworking is counterproductive. I want to make sure I am “fully meeting demands, needs or expectations” as mentioned above. I don’t need to keep at it. It wastes time for little to no return. 

  2. A good reminder that I use is that perfection is an illusion. It can keep us from executing on the good while awaiting the perfect. It can keep us from moving on in our decisions in our life or our business. It actually serves to keep us stuck. 

  3. I don’t second-guess myself. I do my best and send it out into the universe. This usually works quite well, giving me another bow in my quiver to remind myself that my best is enough. 

  4. Nobody can do better than you because no one is you. This life is about YOU. That makes you enough. 

  5. Are you still trying? Have you overcome tragedies and hard times? Enough and enough.


The feelings of not feeling like enough connects back directly to self-confidence. If you are like most people, your self-confidence could use a boost.

I have my Transform Your Life with Massive Self-Confidence Webinar series available and recorded for you. It contains three recordings, accompanying PowerPoint’s and 8 tools that will help you move forward with self-confidence and a lot 
less questions on being enough.


I use them consistently. They work and the investment is only $59.00.


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I want to tell you that you are enough. Just as you are. Reach out to me at if you want to consider coaching as a positive addition to your best life. If you are ready to do the work, it will be best decision you’ve ever made.

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