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Gorgeous Goals Program
Gorgeous Goals is a six-week program that will help you to be crystal clear on your next steps and ready to soar. Your required commitment is focus on doing the necessary work.

There’s so much that women want to do today. Giving yourself the gift of the precious commodities of focus and time to make your life what you want it is extremely effective. We’ll use the SMART goal setting system along with great tools and processes like vision boards and special celebrations that balance planning and action in all key areas of your life.

Gorgeous Goals Program is a group curriculum for women held either live in Atlanta or facilitated via Zoom technology. It’s specifically targeted to the needs and aspirations that women have as they balance important and always competing key priorities. Setting and achieving goals is one of the top proven ways to accelerate positive life experiences and I want you to have more unbelievably good outcomes that you orchestrate.
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Gorgeous Goals Six-Week Course Rate
  • $399 per participant
Gorgeous Goals Atlanta | May 10, 2018

Gorgeous Goals Atlanta | May 10, 2018

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