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Executive Coaching

As an executive coach I help professionals build their leadership muscle. The practice works very well when you are committed to the process of your own growth. Professional coaching has been identified as one of the most powerful ways to grow your career.​

What you’ll gain through our partnership:

  • Goal clarity and achievement

  • Leadership Development

  • Build and retain productive teams

  • Deep self-awareness

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Executive Strength Training

  • Time Management Strategies

  • Balanced Lifestyle


  • One-on-One 1-hour meetings twice a month

  • Assessments to uncover your skills, workstyle, and areas of improvement

  • Constructive Feedback

  • Discussion about personal ambitions

  • Learning Assignments

  • Progress Reviews

Investment: $250 per hour
Six month minimum (12 sessions) commitment.

Adam Nimorwicz


A few months ago I left my job. I knew I wanted to go in a new direction in my career but just struggled to get organized. After going at it alone for a few weeks I knew I needed help. That help was Brenda Holley.


She helped me organize my work history with a new results based resume, she got me to identify the qualities in a company I was looking for, and made me realize that there were a whole lot of organizations that were looking for me. She never told me what I had to do to find a new career, she asked questions, and allowed me to find my way. She created a process and after receiving multiple offers I am on my way to getting back to what I love to do.

Thank you Brenda.

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