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Don't Get

Too Cozy!

Everyone talks about getting cozy in the wintertime. It’s late March and there is still some winter headed our way, even here in the South where I live. It’s okay to get cozy with soup and a warm throw when the weather dictates. What’s not ideal is to get too cozy with your life, no matter the season. Consider these points:

If you are too cozy in your job search, you aren’t pushing hard enough. Do the extra resume send, make the networking calls you don’t want to make, and ask for the informational interview even though it’s scary. Do exactly what is scary. Yes, that thing.

If you are too cozy in your job, you probably aren’t giving it your all. That is always a bad move. Performance and involvement never takes a rest with our work life. You are the CEO of your career. That’s a lot of responsibility and no one else is going to do it for you. You wouldn’t want them to.

If you are too cozy in your relationships, they aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Spend extra time with family and friends, especially if that has slipped on the priority list or you think you don’t have the time. That’s a signal that it’s time to up that commitment. There is nothing in life more important than this.

If you are too cozy with your exercise routine, it isn’t getting done hard enough or often enough. 150 minutes a week minimum is the goal that doctors recommend. That’s 150 minutes with an elevated heart rate, not a slow stroll. Exercise only helps ward off obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

If you are too cozy you aren’t on track with your 2018 goals. By now, over 80% of the people who made those resolutions have abandoned them. That number will grow to 93+% as the year goes on. That’s too cozy. Where are you with those goals?

Most people are too cozy. Move beyond what most people do. Do the things they won’t do. That’s what winners do and you are a winner. It’s not a very crowded path when you aren’t cozy.


Push until it’s not cozy. Push until it’s highly uncomfortable. Hold yourself accountable for doing the uncozy (that’s a new word!) things. That’s the sweet spot where change and progress occurs.


Ready to get uncozy in any area of your life?


Contact me to talk further.

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