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Destination 2021!

All of this year has been unexpected......  Are you?                       

  • Ready to leave 2020  behind and reset your life for 2021 no matter what's happening around you? 

  • Ready to reset your life from all the knowledge you've gained?  You've learned a lot this year. 

  • Read to change the story you are telling if it's not serving you?  

Several of my clients have asked me about an extended coaching session to get priorities crystal clear and after this year, we all need that.  I decided to amp that idea up and offer a special 2021 clarifying program chock full of extras.  It's Destination 2021!


What it is: 


Destination 2021 has extended coaching time to focus on your business and/or personal goals for the new year with thoughtful new tools I've designed to get next year lined up for the results you want.  Before 2021 arrives you'll be ready.




Available via phone, virtually or in person in a socially distanced environment.



Deep pre-work tools that you complete prior to the session to focus you on: 

  • Power of Written Goals

  • Power of Insightful Questions

  • Power of Your Thoughts

  • Impact of 2020 on Your Life

  • Business Goals Exercise - if this is a focus area for you

  • Personal Dreams Exercise

  • Identifying and Clarifying Top Goals

  • Inspiring quotes, uplifting playlists, and a gift to help you on your Destination 2021 journey.


Session Time: 

Here are the options for Destination 2021 to discuss your pre-work and finalize your intent for the new year:

  • Session Time - 2 hours for an investment of $250.00

  • Session Time - 3 hours for an investment of $350.00


The combination of the tools and the coaching time makes this a stellar deal.  These sessions are designed to be impactful for business or personal goals or a combo of the two.  They are meant for you if you want to move ahead strong with your own Destination 2021.


Purchase 2 Hour Session

Purchase 3 Hour Session

Please contact me directly at to get started once you have made your purchase.

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