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Customized Career Coaching

If it’s time to make a career change, you can use a coach with 30+ years of hiring and resume experience that spans over hundreds of industries and thousands of companies. I offer hands-on assistance and support each step of the way to business professionals during this critical period.

My Customized Career Coaching consists of:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Resume Review and Update: If desired, resources for professional resume writers provided.

  • Situation Overview: Includes salary range, financial factors, ability to transfer, candidate timeline

  • Skills Assessment Based on Myers-Briggs Testing: It’s one of the most respected assessments in ascertaining career fit!

  • Clarification of career must-haves and desires

  • List of companies to target that we compile together

  • Schedule of weekly candidate activities to ensure robust action

I also offer an array of job search pointers, that include:

  • Networking tips

  • Resources on interviewing

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety

  • Appropriate follow-up etiquette

  • The best job search engines

  • The top job search keywords for your field

  • How to utilize social media in your job search

 Individual Coaching Rates: $185 per hour


Graduating entrants into the job market seeking one of their first professional positions.

  • 5 weeks of 30-minute sessions $600

Skills Assessment Based on Myers-Briggs Testing is only $49.95

It’s one of the most respected assessments in ascertaining career fit!

Adam Nimorwicz


A few months ago I left my job. I knew I wanted to go in a new direction in my career but just struggled to get organized. After going at it alone for a few weeks I knew I needed help. That help was Brenda Holley.


She helped me organize my work history with a new results based resume, she got me to identify the qualities in a company I was looking for, and made me realize that there were a whole lot of organizations that were looking for me. She never told me what I had to do to find a new career, she asked questions, and allowed me to find my way. She created a process and after receiving multiple offers I am on my way to getting back to what I love to do.

Thank you Brenda.

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