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Why shouldn’t you have the life you want?

If you are like most of my clients, you've already had great success in your life and career, however, you want more out of life than what looks good on paper.

You want to:

  • Fulfill your life’s purpose

  • Have the confidence to make a long-overdue career change

  • Have clarity around what’s next for your business or career

  • Be heard and recognized as a powerful authority over your life

  • Have what you truly desire in every area of your life that matters most.

You've been committed to your professional life...
and you know there's more you want to achieve, right?

Your work is of vital importance to you and you feel stuck in a professional routine that’s more or less a rut, and the thought of slowing down to examine all those buried pieces that create so much uncertainty and restlessness feels scary and disruptive.

You're not alone. Many of my clients even get to a point where they completely burn out, they get stuck, and they no longer have any sense of direction for where their career is headed…at all.


The good news is you, my friend, have landed in the right place.

You’ve found her.

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I worked with Brenda over the past six months to help me refine my professional dreams. At the time, I felt stuck - unsure how to describe my future career goals or define my worth. I found Brenda's viewpoint on everything from job searching and networking to resume building and LinkedIn optimization incredibly helpful. In addition to our coaching sessions, Brenda shared several of her courses and other resources to build my skill sets along the journey. Each resource provided powerful insights to aid our ongoing discussions.


I believe finding Brenda is one of the best occurrences in my career journey. I am embarking on a new role, and I think this would not be possible without her guidance. As I was interviewing with several companies, she advised me on assertive follow-up questions that would best uncover the right opportunities for me.


Simply put, Brenda is the best! Her friendliness, expertise, and inventiveness make her a particularly valuable coach. Her guidance will benefit anyone who takes their career seriously and wants coaching support to optimize their journey.

Megan H.